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Travelling here is something you do at considerable risk and is the reason why I have not been. When in Argentina last year I met two great Welsh girls who should have been met there by two friends from Wales. They were not there with them as they had stopped off in Venezuela with the intention of spending 2 weeks on holiday exploring that country. They were questioned at the airport in Caracas for an hour and then taken to the coast, told ‘this is your driver, this is your car, this is where you can go and when, and if you don’t agree then you can leave the country’. The girls decided to leave the country and because they were so shock-up they flew back to Wales.

On getting  to Quito about 2 months later I was to met 3 Australian guys who had been in Venezuela and said ‘do not go there’!!  The police and military had held up their buses and come on board demanding money for all passengers. In their case $100 each time. Buy the third hold up in one day a young Japanese man had only $80 left so they hit him in the face with the butt of a pistol. (These incidences occurred last year and it may be different now )

This is a shame that travellers are not really to welcome here as there are many places I wanted to visit. Angel Falls for a start. Island of Margarita, highest cable car in the world near Merida………

On having said all that, there are people that have been recently who have found it safe enough and enjoyed themselves, so it is down to the individual.

(Please remember that all opinions expressed in these pages are mine and only mine.)

GUYANE (French Guiana )



The above three countries I have not visited.  I think they get missed a bit by the average traveller being so far over on the other side and they aren’t countries talked about around the dinner table. - Pack full of the best deals


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